We design and manufacture jewelry using sophisticated CAD / CAM tools. You are involved in the process helping us to create the perfect piece of jewelry for you.  We utilize MatrixGold design software by Gemvision.  By choosing to make jewelry this way, we are able to produce detail, beauty and symmetry not available to those who elect to use older methods.  While much of the work is still done “by hand”, we use tools and technologies that are cutting edge in the jewelry industry.  Best of all, we do it all right in our store!

We specialize in taking your old gold, silver, diamonds and gemstones and turning them into beautiful masterpieces that you will enjoy wearing and someday passing down to future generations.  If you’ve inherited gemstones from your family and they aren’t set in a way that accommodates your sense of fashion, let us help you turn them into the perfect piece of jewelry made specifically for you and create a new heirloom to leave to your children, continuing the tradition that was started by your parents or grandparents!