We offer Insurance Appraisal services to our customers.  An Insurance Appraisal is a document necessary to purchase insurance on a jewelry item.  It represents a fair market price to replace a jewelry item in the event it is lost or stolen.  One never knows what might happen that could cause the loss of a jewelry item of the loss of multiple jewelry items such as a fire, tornado, or theft.  If you have purchased insurance on your jewelry it can be replaced if such an event were to occur.  Most insurance will also cover damage and breakage, however normal wear and tear is usually not covered.  The Insurance Appraisal places a value on jewelry items that allows us to replace the item if a loss were to occur.  Sometimes an item can simply be re-ordered, however sometimes it is necessary to actually manufacture an item in order to get the same piece you had before the loss.  Our appraisals will reflect the cost to get back what you had before your loss occurred.  This appraisal is made for the sole purpose of purchasing insurance and includes an in depth description of the item(s), photographs, and replacement cost.  We use a GIA Gem Scope to aid in the examination of jewelry items for appraisal.  While David does have Gemological Institute of America (GIA) training, he is not a GIA Graduate Gemologist.