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Custom Jewelry Design

We design and manufacture jewelry using sophisticated CAD / CAM tools. You are involved in the process helping us to create the perfect piece of jewelry for you. We utilize MatrixGold design software by Gemvision. By choosing to make jewelry this way, we are able to produce detail, beauty and symmetry not available to those who elect to use older methods. While much of the work is still done “by hand”, we use tools and technologies that are cutting edge in the jewelry industry. We use the lost wax casting method with vacuum casting to cast into gold and silver. Best of all, we perform all of these services right in our shop!

We specialize in taking your old gold, silver, diamonds and gemstones and turning them into beautiful masterpieces that you will enjoy wearing and someday passing down to future generations. If you’ve inherited gemstones from your family and they aren’t set in a way that accommodates your sense of fashion, let us help you turn them into the perfect piece of jewelry made specifically for you and create a new heirloom to leave to your children, continuing the tradition that was started by your parents or grandparents!

If remaking a piece of jewelry is not what you had in mind, we will be happy to work with you in designing and making the perfect jewelry item for you from scratch. We can provide all of the materials needed to make your jewelry, or we will build around the stone or items that you have and supply what is needed to finish the piece to your satisfaction.

Sometimes Computer Aided Design is not the solution; in that case we will fabricate what is needed or we will order items from our vendors to produce the intended result for you. We look at it with you and help to determine the most cost effective way to produce what you are asking for.

Jewelry Repair

We have two full time jewelers who repair your jewelry right in our own shop, so you can rest assured that your jewelry never leaves our hands. We do not have to send it to someone else to do the work as do many of our local friendly competitors. We use state of the industry tools so that we can provide the best repair possible when working on your jewelry. Our experience and reputation in jewelry repair has created quite a workload for us but we will do all we can to get your piece repaired and back to you when you need it. An average repair takes a week. Some repairs we are able to do much quicker, yet some can take much longer. Some very minor repairs we are able to do while you wait,

In addition to our acetylene/oxygen torch for soldering, we use a high temperature water torch with micro tips for soldering, and we also use a high technology laser welder which allows us to do repairs that require precise targeting of a weld using a laser beam. We also utilize a bench microscope to aid in stone setting to be sure we are doing the best job possible.

We are a full service jewelry shop working on gold, silver and platinum. We offer ring sizing, chain repair, prong tipping and prong replacement as well as setting or head replacement when needed and offer refinishing services to make your jewelry look like new again. Our list of repairs is too lengthy to list here, but basically if it’s broken we can usually fix it.

Pearl & Bead Stringing

We string the majority of our own pearls which we sell in our inventory so that we know they are properly strung for years of wear for you when you purchase pearls from us. We also offer that service to you when your precious pearls need attention! The cord on which your pearls and beads are strung often becomes worn and dirty needing to be replaced. We carefully separate the pearls, clean them, and restring them using the utmost care. We string strands both knotted between each pearl and strands that are unknotted. If necessary we can repair or replace your clasp, and have clasp alternatives if you are having trouble attaching your pearl clasp. Add-a-pearls are also a specialty for us and we work with you in matching and adding to your add-a-pearl strands. We string pearls and beads of all kinds!


We offer Insurance Appraisal services to our customers. An Insurance Appraisal is a document necessary to purchase insurance on a jewelry item. It represents a fair market price to replace a jewelry item in the event it is lost or stolen. One never knows what might happen that could cause the loss of a jewelry item of the loss of multiple jewelry items such as a fire, tornado, or theft. If you have purchased insurance on your jewelry it can be replaced if such an event were to occur. Most insurance will also cover damage and breakage, however normal wear and tear is usually not covered. The Insurance Appraisal places a value on jewelry items that allows us to replace the item if a loss were to occur. Sometimes an item can simply be re-ordered, however sometimes it is necessary to actually manufacture an item in order to get the same piece you had before the loss. Our appraisals will reflect the cost to get back what you had before your loss occurred. This appraisal is made for the sole purpose of purchasing insurance and includes an in depth description of the item(s), photographs, and replacement cost. We use a GIA Gem Scope to aid in the examination of jewelry items for appraisal. While David does have Gemological Institute of America (GIA) training, he is not a GIA Graduate Gemologist.

Watch Repairs

Watch battery replacement, watch band adjustment and other repairs are done on our premises. We also have access to watchmakers who are certified for high-end watches and clock repairs.

We Buy Gold, Silver & Platinum

We purchase scrap precious metals…gold, silver, and platinum…from you, our customer. The metals markets move up and down constantly, so the price we pay is adjusted with those markets. Please understand that this is a “melt down” price; it is not a “second hand jewelry” price. We weigh the metal and pay according to the metal purity and the weight, so the condition of the metal does not matter. Broken chain, dented earrings, worn out jewelry is perfect for this. Jewelry you will never wear again is easily converted to cash for you, and we pay top dollar for your scrap gold, silver and platinum. If you do have jewelry that you prefer to sell for a premium price we do offer to sell it for you on CONSIGNMENT, however that is not a purchase we make on the spot, and it does take a while to sell your item in that manner.

Financing & Layaway


We are able to offer special financing options to you for most* purchases provided by Synchrony Bank. Our most popular financing options are deferred interest plans that range from 6 to 18 months that offer no interest financing to you as long as payment in full is made within the promotional period. Other options include with interest financing with terms as long as 48 months. Ask your sales associate about these affordable financing options!


We offer no interest layaway to you on most* purchases. Layaways require a 10% downpayment and must be paid out in full within 10 months with regular monthly payments equal to 1/10 of the original balance required. Failure to keep the layaway current may result in forfeiture of funds paid toward the layaway. All layaway items remain the property of Gambill Jewelry until they are paid in full.

* Some promotional sales offers that we make to you do not qualify for our financing or layaway plans.

* Consignment Sales do not qualify for our financing or layaway plans.

Wish List

We invite you to come in at any time to fill out a “Wish List Card”. You can list any items you desire from our store. Or send your “Wish Item” to us by email.
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